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Facility Construction finished!

The low-background underground cryogenic facility has finished construction in-line with principles outlined in a recent paper discussing the passive shielding design of the COSINUS experiment.
Congratulations are in order to our newly minted Dr. Felix Wagner!

DM limit with mini-prototype

Our recent result highlights the first underground test of our first NaI prototype detector at LNGS, achieving competitive results with only 11.6g d of data. It paves the way for testing of larger NaI crystals in the near future.

First hearbeat

remoTES design successfully demonstrated for the first time with a silicon and tellurium di oxide absorber at cryogenic temperatures!

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  • F. Kahlhoefer, F. Reindl, K. Schäffner, K. Schmidt-Hoberg and S. Wild, Model-independent comparison of annual modulation and total rate with direct detection experiments, JCAP05(2018)074

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Conference Talks and Posters